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CIFF and FFMF end 9-year run – watch for the WSFF

WSFF Logo Train

It was a good run. Wyoming Community Media ended a nine year run of the FAST Filmmaking Festival (formerly the Shootout) and the Cheyenne International Film Festival.

There was a method to the madness. The Cheyenne International Film Festival converged with the FAST Filmmaking Festival as the Cheyenne International FAST Film Festival in 2015, the final year.

There will no longer be stand alone festivals or filmmaking contests, so watch for the Whistle Stop FILM Festival – WSFF, chugging into a town near you, not only in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska, but across the country.

New Deal Artists in Wyoming documentary funded

Jackson Pollock and Thomas Hart Benton visited the Saratoga rodeo in 1938. Benton painted this mural with Pollock as the harmonica player at the card table on the left.

Jackson Pollock and Thomas Hart Benton visited the Saratoga rodeo in 1938. Benton painted this mural with Pollock as the harmonica player at the card table on the left.

WCM was funded by the Wyoming Humanities Council and the Wyoming Arts Council to produce a documentary about New Deal artists in Wyoming. We have some leads but need more. Are there any historians out there who have any info or can point us in the right direction:
– EE Stevens murals in Niobrara County
– Jackson Pollock and Thomas Hart Benson in Saratoga during July 4th in the 1930s
– Alan True asked by Lester Hunt to design the license plate bucking horse
– Robert Russin did his WPA art elsewhere but moved to Wyoming and taught at UW
Production will happen when the weather breaks in the spring.

FAST Filmmaking Festival winners announced

The FAST Filmmaking Festival in Cheyenne screened the top movies and presented awards at the Historic Atlas Theatre in Downtown Cheyenne. The top films can be watched on the YouTube Channel.

“Preservation” by Shawn Crochet and “The Diary of Robert Metchum Dodge” tied for Best Picture. Here are the films that played at the event, including the Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board documentary about the board’s work and it’s sponsorship of the FFMF.

1) Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board Documentary

2) Wyoming Hereford Ranch – Directed by Barbara Sandick

– Best Historic Preservation Treatment $50

– Best Cinematography $50

3) Historic Haunting – Directed by Steve Stoner

– (tie) Best Comedy $25

4) Why Historic Preservation Matters – Produced by Keefe Van Dyke

– (tie) Best Comedy $25

– Best Actor – Keefe Van Dyke $50

5) Power to Forgive – Produced – Directed by Jake Ward

– (tie) Best Youth Film $100

6) New Friends – Directed by Brendon Threewitt (movie shot on an iPad)

– (tie) Best Youth Film $100

7) Tunnels – Directed by Miranda Threewitt

– Silver Spur – two free youth entry fees in 2015

8) Found – Produced by Yari Figueroa

– Silver Spur – two free regular entry fees in 2015

9) Preservation – Directed by Shawn Crochet

– (tie) Best Film – Shawn Crochet $250

– Best Actress – Morgan Martin $50

– Best Director – Shawn Crochet $50

– Best Screen Play – Shawn Crochet $50

10) Diary of Robert Metcham Dodge – Directed by Cole Smith

– (tie) Best Film – Cole Smith $250

– Best Music – Walker Smith $50

WCM seeks content about Occupy movement in Wyoming for documentary

WCM is curious about Occupy Wyoming and wants to document it. WCM seeks digital video, images, music, audio. Click on the flag to go check out the Occupy Wyoming resource nexus.

Imagine when the Occupy Wall Street movement gets untracked? It’s just a matter of time when the tipping point happens. Occupy Wall Street in Wyoming is evidence that the tipping point is near. This site won’t be updated much, but will serve as a resource about Wyoming-based OWS efforts to the outside world. Dynamic info will be a result of locally-maintained facebook pages, groups and local websites.

Why is Wyoming important? The movement in Wyoming is unique and demonstrates the ubiquity of its appeal when considering the Equality State is the least populated – 565,000 people. It has only two cities over 50,000 – Casper and Cheyenne and dominated by the Republican Party – State legislature 76 GOP; 14 DEM.

Wyoming Community Media (WCM) is putting this information together with an eye on documenting the Occupy Wall Street movement in Wyoming. Wyoming should be an Occupy movement bell weather state. If the movement gains traction in a conservative stronghold, it will be clear the message is cross cutting.

This is one of many unofficial online resources for the growing occupation movement happening around Wyoming and the world. Here’s what the official unofficial Occupy Wall Street website has to say:

“Occupy Wall Street is a people-powered movement that began on September 17, 2011 in Liberty Square in Manhattan’s Financial District, and has spread to over 100 cities in the United States and actions in over 1,500 cities globally. OWS is fighting back against the corrosive power of major banks and multinational corporations over the democratic process, and the role of Wall Street in creating an economic collapse that has caused the greatest recession in generations . . .The occupations around the world are being organized using a non-binding consensus based collective decision making tool known as a “people’s assembly”.

If you have links to video, photo albums, music, etc. contact WCM by email.

The Shoot Out Cheyenne Top 10 DVDs are ready to ship

The Shoot Out Cheyenne Top 10 films are now available on DVD. Support the local arts in Cheyenne and order your copy today. Click on the DVD image to purchase one today.

It’s the perfect gift for the independent film lovers in your life and showcases Downtown Cheyenne in unique and interesting ways.

The films were selected by a panel of judges from all the movies completed during the event in Downtown Cheyenne October 15 – 17. Here are the award winners.

Best Film Politricks
Best Cinematography End of the Line
Best In-Camera Editing Day No One Died
Best Actor Dominic Syracuse Joy of Dating
Best Comedy Fake A Coma
Best Art Direction End of the Line
Best Sound Design Day No One Died
Best Music Fake A Coma
Best Screenplay Joy of Dating
Best Director Cougar Littlefield Day No One Died
Best 17 & Under Hand Gun Salsa Raid

CIFF featured on “Open Spaces” – KUWR Wyoming Public Radio

The Cheyenne International Film Festival (CIFF) is featured on “Open Spaces” a news and feature program on Wyoming Public Radio.

CIFF producer Alan O’Hashi visits with KUWR news director Bob Beck about the upcoming event.

Click on the WPR logo to listen to the program in its entirety. Below is the “Open Spaces” CIFF segment covered by images of the filmmakers and their films that will be screening at the historic Atlas Theatre May 21 – 23 in downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming.

CIFF featured on ‘Open Spaces’ – KUWR Wyoming Public Radio from BCM / WCM: The New Journalism on Vimeo.

Oscar-nominee Daniel Junge discusses literacy and filmmaking

Filmmaking in the West and the Importance of Literacy from BCM / WCM: The New Journalism on Vimeo.

Opening night at the Cheyenne International Film Festival is a fund raising reception for the Laramie County Library Foundation honoring Oscar nominated filmmaker Daniel Junge. He’ll be screening three of his films, including “The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner”. Daniel Junge discusses growing up in Cheyenne and spending a lot of time at the library.