Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

Why do patients choose to come to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center? Click on the CRMC logo and check out the entire website.

This is a question that our healthcare experts think about often. It drives all of us to provide our patients and partners with the highest quality experience possible. If you look back far enough, you can easily see why we are so passionate about what we do. Bred into every employee at Cheyenne Regional is a pioneering and steadfast determination to serve others that began in 1867. That’s when we were born as a frontier “tent” hospital constructed by the Union Pacific Railroad to treat workers who were injured building the transcontinental railroad.

One year later, the founders of Cheyenne purchased the tent and all of its medical supplies for $125 and established what is now known as Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. As time passed, our buildings grew, our name changed and generations have come and gone. But through all of this, our pioneering spirit has continued to lead healthcare services in the region.

Our Commitment

The responsibility for health is bigger than one person. When you come to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, passionate physicians, nurses and staff will be here to offer confidence and kindness throughout the healing process. We know our region better than any other healthcare system, and we’re committed to providing you with the exceptional care you seek and deserve.

The Right Care, Right Here

Cheyenne Regional offers a comprehensive line of healthcare services, including Cardiovascular, Cancer, Orthopedics, Neurosciences, Weight Loss, Women and Children’s Services, Trauma, Wound Management & Hyperbaric Medicine, Rehabilitation, Home Care, Hospice, Behavioral Health, Medical Imaging and Lab Services.

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