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A Strategy for Invigorating Downtown Cheyenne

What is Historic Placemaking?
The City of Cheyenne is launching the Downtown Cheyenne Historic Placemaking Project next week as a follow up to the successful Buildings, Business & Bankers Conference held this past October.  Placemaking encompasses both the ways in which people experience and enjoy their community and how they shape it.  In short, the Placemaking initiative is about enlivening downtown so that it strengthens people’s connections to each other and to Cheyenne’s historic building stock, thereby generating economic activity, returns for property owners and investors, and public revenues.  While mindful that large scale initiatives can exert a transformative effect, Placemaking also recognizes that the cumulative impact of numerous small scale improvements can also produce significant changes, including creating jobs and invigorating current champions for downtown while welcoming new ones.

What Should I Expect?
The Historic Placemaking Project is a four-month effort to be completed by the end of July 2011.  It will include many opportunities to hear from the people who live, work, and play in Downtown Cheyenne, along with others who bring valuable insights into downtown’s needs and share a stake in its future.

Goals of the project include:

  • Involving a wide range of people and organizations to bring different perspectives to the table
  • Reaching agreement on the major issues and opportunities affecting Downtown Cheyenne’s near-term future and the means by which to address them
  • Launching new partnerships and initiatives to accelerate downtown revitalization.

Partnering for Success
The City Planning Office, in conjunction with the Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority and the Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board applied to the State Historic Preservation Office for a grant that would make this project possible.  We look to involve anyone and everyone who has an interest in revitalizing downtown, including civic groups, grassroots restoration organizations, and arts aficionados who are willing to partner for success.


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