WY Film Office

Wyoming Film Office

Open the WFO logo to learn more about their production incentives.

The Film Industry Financial Incentive (FIFI) program is a cash rebate program for production companies of up to 15% on dollars spent in the State of Wyoming during a film shoot. The production company would have to spend a minimum amount of $200,000 to qualify and then meet additional criteria to determine the rebate percentage between 12%-15%.

Qualified expenditures generally include, but are not limited to:

  • Wages, salaries, or other compensation for technical and production crews, directors, producers, performers and extras who are residents of this state.
  • Expenditures on goods and services made in Wyoming for the following, providing that each company which provides goods or services is located and doing business in Wyoming:
    • preproduction, production, post-production, digital media effects services, sets, and set construction.
    • rental equipment, including, but not limited to, cameras and grip or electrical equipment.
    • meals, travel, accommodations, and goods used in producing filmed entertainment that is located and doing business in this state.

Rebate percentage between 12% and 15% based on the following criteria:

  • Providing a storyline that is set in Wyoming (full 15% rebate)
  • Providing additional Wyoming behind the scenes footage highlighting Wyoming locations used in the project (up to 14% rebate)
  • Using Wyoming props and product placement (up to 13% rebate)
  • Providing a clear statement in the credits that the product was filmed in Wyoming (minimum 12% rebate)
  • Other promotional opportunities that provide Wyoming tourism value could be negotiated to determine rebate percentage.

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