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LightsOn! NYE ball drop on the Depot Plaza

Watch the Ball Drop 11:59:59

Click on the image of the 8' ball a top the 7-story crane and join the facebook event page!

Are you wondering how to spend New Years Eve? Stick in Cheyenne! What?

Yes, Cheyenne will be the place to celebrate 2012. Watch the ball drop in New York City’s Time Square, then come on down to Downtown Cheyenne.

LightsOn! Downtown Group is sponsoring an 8′ lighted ball dropping seven stories onto the Depot Plaza, 16th St. and Capitol Ave. According to KGWN News Channel 5, the 500 pound ball constructed by Puma Steel will be lowered by a crane donated by Yarber Construction. The idea is the brain child of LightsOn! Downtown Group board member Glen Garrett.

Revel with your friends and family at your favorite Downtown Cheyenne eatery or watering hole then wander over to the Depot Plaza to watch the festivities beginning at 11:59:59 MST.

If you still are a homebody, watch the ball drop live on the WCM and KGWN websites. The exact links will be made available later in the week.

Join the facebook page to keep up with the latest.

‘2012’ set in Yellowstone, shot in Canada

Yellowstone Park turns 139 today. On March 1, 1872 President Ulysses Grant signed the law naming Yellowstone the first national park.

Today, I happened to see the disaster movie, ‘2012’ with John Cusack and Woody Harrelson is set in Yellowstone Park, but shot in Canada. Great special FX!

This is one of the reason’s why the Wyoming Film Office Film Industry Financial Incentives (FIFI) program is necessary. This is yet another recent project that gives Wy0ming some on screen notice, but no actual production jobs in Wyoming.

Harrelson plays a reclusive hermit in Yellowstone and meets up with author John Cusack while he is on vacation with his two kids. The molten caldera blows up under the park sending everyone scrambling to catch a ride on a huge ark in China on December 21, 2012. Check out the trailer by clicking on the Yellowstone explosion image!