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WCM and Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine tells transmedia stories

Find the latest edition of Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine (WLM) and see transmedia storytelling in action. On page 9 is the print version of the inauguration of Governor Matt Mead.

You’re then led to a link on WLM Telvision (WLMTV) to watch a video news package of the day’s activities that started at the Cheyenne Civic Center and ended with hundreds of well-wishers at the state capitol building.

WCM and WLM caught up with the Governor, Secretary of State Max Maxfield and Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill. Reporters also talked with inauguration activity attendees from around Wyoming. Watch the video by clicking on the Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine logo.

WCM seeks nonprofits with stories to tell

Wyoming Community Media (WCM) seeks Wyoming-based 501(c)(3) organizations who want to tell their stories in transmedia formats. What if you could tell your story to audiences in a variety of ways – video on TV; on the printed page; audio on the radio; photo essays.

It’s common knowledge these days that people obtain their information in a variety of ways. Some people are auditory learners, others rely on seeing the news and some are kinetic learners and want to get closer to what they are learning through experiences.

The more complex your organization’s mission the better. WCM will work with you to tell your stories better. Maybe you have some case studies you’d like to roll out, or basic information about your group, or want to get a fund raising message across.

If you’ve been keeping up with the WCM posts lately, you’ll know that the Wyoming Arts Council approved a grant to do just what is being asked. WCM in collaboration with Laramie County Community College is putting together a transmedia production class based in the community. Teams will work with nonprofits to get messages out there.

The grant funds allow WCM to defray its production costs and organizations are asked to also participate with a small production fee that will be plowed back into the project.

If interested, please respond by email to WCM Transmedia Project