The Wind River Tribal Foundation sponsored the Arapaho Ranch Safari.

WCM provides training services to students of all ages in Southeast Wyoming and beyond. Training may be on an individual basis or for groups.

Wind River Tribal Foundation – WCM provided videography and photography training for the 2016 Arapaho Ranch Safari.

Ten students shot images and movies on iPads which will will compiled into a documentary that is slated to screen at the National Cowboy Poetry Association in January 2017.

wrtc 6

To view the WRTC documentary projects, lick on the photo of the WRTC crew interviewing Wes Martel in the Shoshone Tribal Services Center.

Wind River Tribal College – WCM provided college credit classes in video production. Several class projects were completed including “Gambling for the Future”

Students learned how to operate cameras, sound equipment and set lighting, as well as construct stories.

WCM recently forged partnerships with GoPro cameras and Real-D 3d and can tailor 3D workshops to meet your needs and interests.

The new Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival (Filmmakers Interactive Local Meetups) are also a way for communities and organizations to include movies and movie production into their programs. the WSFF brings indie movies into communities that may be of particular interest and can include screenwriting and production workshops.

WCM works closely with local school districts, colleges and universities to develop “hands-on” practical out-of-school learning opportunities in all facets of production, behind and in front of the camera. Student teams produce programs for community TV channels and web streaming and the Shoot Out Cheyenne 24 hour film making festival.

109 E. 17th Street 40
Cheyenne, WY 82001

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  1. How does someone donate time, services or skills? I am interested in helping out any way I’m needed.

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