Plains Hotel

The Historic Plains Hotel

Click on the logo to learn more about the Plains Hotel

The Historic Plains Hotel has been a proud fixture of Cheyenne for a century, first catering to Wyoming’s earliest captains of industry in 1911.

The elegant accommodations were enjoyed equally by cattle barons and oil tycoons, as well as travelers on their way to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

For Reservations – Click on the Plains Hotel Logo or call (307) 638-3311.

Our recent renovation allows Downtown Cheyenne’s Historic Plains Hotel to once again serve travelers and dignitaries in search of the experience of Western High Style.

The Cheyenne Hotel Downtown Location
The Plains Hotel is the perfect base station for your Old West outings.
Across the street from the historic Union Pacific Depot
Shopping, dining and museums all await you in downtown Cheyenne
Convenient to the Wyoming State Capital and the Cheyenne Civic Center
Summers are filled with music and laughter, and horse-drawn carriage rides.
The Cheyenne Gunslingers reenact western folklore and famous shootouts

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