WY Arts Council

Founded in 1967, the Wyoming Arts Council (WAC) supports the arts in Wyoming. The WAC fosters and promotes creation, access, education, diversity and excellence in the arts, as well as providing a resource for, and encourages partnerships between, the public, artists and arts organizations.

The WAC awards over 300 grants and fellowships to organizations each year for arts programs and projects that serve our Wyoming citizens. These projects ensure that all Wyoming residents experience the highest quality of artistic programming in their community throughout the year.

Wyoming Arts Council

Learn more about the Wyoming Arts Council by clicking on their logo.

All 501(c)3 non profit organizations, government agencies (including schools) and tribal governments are eligible to apply for WAC grants. Government and tribal organizations must contact WAC staff BEFORE they apply, so they can obtain a special Invitation Code that will allow them to bypass the eligibility portion of our e-granting system. If you do not meet the above eligibility requirements, you may still apply using a Fiscal Sponsor who does meet these requirements.

Applicants may receive funding from each grant category once per fiscal year for different art projects that take place between July 1 – June 30. Under special circumstances, Ongoing grants may be extended beyond the end of the current fiscal year (June 30) IF applicants work with WAC staff prior to submitting their grant. Extending projects past the end of the current fiscal year may shorten the time frame that applicants will have to submit their Final Report.

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